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  • live stream

    Our team is ready to take on your event and transform it into top quality live content to be streamed around the world.

    record & play

    We stay on the cutting edge of technology, ensuring that your event recordings are accessible, easy to watch and future proof.

    safe backup

    All your recordings are safely backed up on our secured servers, easily accesible to you and protected at the same time.

    Record and Broadcast Live Events

    All the tools required to provide you and your clients with secure access to video streaming

    Using our platform and forefront technology, we can record or live stream your video and embed it onto a secure site, granting access to paying customers, providing simultaneous access to thousands of users.

  • services overview

    Event Live Streaming & Video Recording

    Either you wish to record your event or stream it, we're ready to provide the technology and the know how. Our team consists of certified young professionals experienced in working with digital image and film.

    Event & Corporate Photography

    When it comes to your events you need visuals that reflect your vision and everything it stands for. We work to understand your needs and strive to meet them, turning your ideas into reality.

    Digital Services

    Secure servers, a web interface, integrated platforms for your paying customers, digital albums, statistical reports or just technical support. You name it, we'll find a solution to rise to the occasion.

    Best Proposals

    Webinars & E-Learning

    Do you want to broadcast a course or training session? We can help you reach far enough to change the world!

    Concerts & Theatre

    Nothing beats a good show. Except maybe a show seen by twice as many people ... or ten times! Or by the entire world!

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